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Polo Formativo srl, Italy
Other (mentoring/transition/inclusion etc.)
YASPELD project wants to focus its attention on young adults with Specific Learning Difficulties (Sp.L.D.). Despite lots of funding have been provided to support initiatives on Sp.L.D. and on what can be done to prevent them since the first years of literacy, really little we know on those people victims of early school leaving, low scholastic performances, unemployment, social inequalities because of a late diagnosis or simply a lack of knowledge on this issue from teachers, trainers and parents. YASPELD wants to adopt an alternative approach, whereby the individual is supported directly through provision of materials on study skills and assistive technology. Organisations coming from 6 different countries, carefully chosen for their experience on the subject worked during two years to develop resources such as: - An online e-book in the partner languages; - A guide for using the book, in english and in the partner languages; - A guide for lecturers on the difficulties of the SpLD adults in english and in the partner languages; - Links to free assistive technology available through the internet; - Self-help and best practice sharing forums/blogs for SpLD learners and their supporters. - Templates for key tasks (note-taking, preparing for exams, creating concept maps, etc) also were provided in english and in the partner languages; - Pilot studies were carried out after the second year.