For Professionals

For Educational, Health and Social Professionals the network

  • Develops a multi-disciplinary centre for professionals to learn and exchange knowledge and skills online with other learning stakeholders this will enable collaborative, multidisciplinary working. If you wish to take part and exchange your learning experiences, register as a FIESTA member and join our discussion forums here.
  • Provides a review of best practice models used within existing special schools and mainstream environments during periods of transition through online tools & conferences. Download the FIESTA Literature Review which examines 8 European countries experiences of transition and inclusion. The FIESTA Best Practice Report is available for download here.
  • Provides a self assessment tool to assist schools and learning stakeholders involved in SEN in mainstream settings, to measure approaches taken during specified transition schooling phases and to identify areas for improvement. Download the self assessment tools here
  • Actively involves professionals from the three social systems during the research phase through focus groups and interviews. Professionals will also have an opportunity to create & adapt professional development resources & self assessment tools. This network enables the target groups to create & develop needs based tools which will in turn allow for knowledge exchange & creative learning. The target groups are at the centre of all network developments. The online story telling application is available for you to learn from other professionals experiences of transition and inclusion via our YouTube channel.
  • Provides training and resource pack to professionals through the delivery of the e-learning “Managing Transition” modules. Full access to FIESTA training modules is available to registered members. To register as member click here.

Managing Transition Resource Pack now available!

The Managing Transition Resource Pack provides sample strategies for enabling successful transition for children with additional educational needs. It also provides detailed descriptions of the FIESTA resources available to stakeholders mainly - pupils with additional educational needs, teachers, principals, and support staff, parents of children with additional educational needs, health professionals and voluntary agencies. This pack will enable you to pin point which resources are suitable for your individual needs. Download MTRP here.

Experiences from Transition

We interviewed pupils and their families about transition experiences in 8 European countries. Recorded interviews are available via Fiesta Network's YouTube channel: