Associate Member of Universal for Design Network: Addressing Learner Variability


UDLnet-Universal Design for Learning: A Framework for Addressing Learner Variability aims to cater for inclusive and quality education, towards reaching a society where equal opportunities are guaranteed for all. Universal Design for Learning (UDL) is an educational framework to guide development of flexible learning environments to accommodate individual learning differences. UDL seeks to increase access to learning by reducing physical, cognitive, intellectual and organisational barriers to learning. UDLnet aims to provide a comprehensive inventory of UDL Best Practices. Users include educationalists, teachers and practitioners in the field.


The UDLnet aims can be summarised in the following:

  1. To develop a detailed and systematic methodology to define the criteria for identifying best inclusive educational practices
  2. To design and develop a web-based Inventory, which will include a collection and categorisation of best practices. This UDLnet Inventory can support a learning community where users will be able to find exchange and adapt inclusive teaching and learning practices
  3.  To establish a sustainable network of educational communities interested in innovative, inclusive teaching and learning practices and trained in the effective use of accessible ICT in teachin
  4.    To collect and develop innovative, relevant and multilingual content that will support the proposed inclusive approach, which will be described and stored (in the form of learning objects) in the UDLnet Inventory
  5.   To develop educational stakeholders’ skills and attitudes to ensure the access to and use of inclusive teaching and learning practices under the umbrella of community buildin
  6. Additionally, to carry out a set of pilot sessions with a number of representative user groups (teachers, students, parents, policy makers) in order to adapt and enrich content to current needs and evaluate these pilots
  7.    To disseminate and validate the project outcomes throughout Europe, and to circulate effective teaching methods through networking with relevant projects, networks and initiatives. Furthermore to develop a “Pathway to Universal Design for Learning” to support  the deployment of accessible educational e-content.


Access the UDLnet website here and the UDLnet inventory here