FIESTA Network aim is to provide communication, cooperation and guidance for all stakeholders engaged in the teaching, guidance, counseling and development of disabled students facing the transition to higher levels of inclusion. By creating a common approach, strategic plan, pool expertise among participating stakeholders, the network provides a critical space to collaborate and meet the individual needs of pupils with special needs.

Why join the FIESTA network?

By joining the FIESTA Network you will actively support the development of the network to ensure children with special needs are supported during critical phases of transition e.g. transition from mainstream environments and specialized environments.

FIESTA Network members will have access to:

  • Online resources in the area of inclusive education, transition and collaborative working
  • Specific tailor made information for pupils with SEN, parents and families and professionals in education and health sectors
  • E-learning training modules for professionals in education and health sectors
  • Transition starter kit for pupils and parents
  • A complete research section including a literature review and best practice report based on an extensive consultation program across 8 EU countries
  • Practical tools that will enable stakeholders to reassess their transition programs and enable schools to cultivate an inclusive and collaborative learning environment including a self assessment process
  • Partnerships or collaborative activities facilitated

As a member of the FIESTA Network you will have the opportunity to create awareness of the importance of supporting children with special needs during periods of transition in your local area and across Europe. You gain access to our extensive network database of professionals in inclusive education (registered members, you may access the member database here).

If you wish to become a member, please contact your local FIESTA coordinator.