Advocacy Toolkit

Now is the time to begin thinking about advocacy, what does advocacy mean? Do you want to be an advocate for children with additional support needs? How do you put an advocacy plan in place? The FIESTA advocacy toolkit can help you.










The FIESTA Advocacy Toolkit was developed with the aim of supporting FIESTA network members and partners in their efforts to advocate for the successful inclusion and transition of children with SEN in mainstream educational settings. The Toolkit aims to help you choose, plan and implement a working strategy both for you and for your target groups advocacy initiative which will lead to meaningful changes in attitudes, policies and practices.

The Advocacy Toolkit provides a broadly accepted definition of advocacy. Advocacy is integral to the FIESTA network. Advocacy is at the heart of influencing decisions that affect children with additonial support needs. This toolkit aims to provide tools and methods that support the broad range of advocacy undertaken by the FIESTA Network.

Download Advocacy Toolkit in English, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, Greek, Romanian, Spanish, Catalan