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The FIESTA network aims to develop a multi-disciplinary learning approach for professionals in education, health & social services in order to facilitate the additional learning and support requirements of children with special needs during periods of transition.

The network will facilitate children with special needs during the following periods of transition:

  1. Transition of children with special needs to mainstream environments
  2. Transition of children with special needs from pre-school to primary school and from primary school to secondary school

FIESTA resources include Best Practice Report, Training Modules, Managing Transition Starter Kit, Self-Assessment Tools and Online Videos to name a few. Some of these resources are available in English, Spanish, Catalan, Finnish, Dutch, Bulgarian, Romanian and Greek.

This is the official website of FIESTA network. The site will keep you updated about the latest FIESTA developments and activities. 

We have created an on-line community and resource base for FIESTA partners and associates. Learn more about FIESTA membership, register (it's free of charge!) and join discussions (for registered members) on transition and inclusion in education.


FIESTA: Associate Member of UDLnet 

Check out our associate network Universal Design for Learning Network.

For further information on UDLnet and how to get involved, read more here

FIESTA Conference, 4th October 2014, Barcelona

The second FIESTA Conference took place in Barcelona on Oct 4th. Read more here...

A fresh conference video has been published. The video is available via Fiesta Network's YouTube channel.